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Why Cat Tail Butt Plug Is My Favorite Toy

October 17 2015 , Written by Mya Gerclich Published on #Hot Butt Plugs

Cat Tail Butt Plug Is My Best Toy

I can only tell you one thing - if you enjoy different kinds of animal butt plugs then you should really give it a try to cat tail plug! This is one of my favorite toys I have ever have a chance to try it. No matter if it's build out of a silicone, pvc or glass; every single one is hot!

There's no better feeling to put this type of plug in my anus and have a furry tail switching up and down, left and right behind me - just a pure fun. My partner likes to have sex with me when I have this inside of me, it makes him even more horny and naughty at the same time. So, if you're interested or just wanted to start with anal toys and in addition receive pleasure from this kind of weird (rare) sex toys, this may possibly be an impressive product for you to increase your bedroom bondage fun. If you don't previously have one, give it a try to furry cat tail anal plug and have the best experience that you always looking for, believe me!



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